Cass County Solid Waste Management District


We want to see how many computer towers can be collected within the next two week. Call to make an appointment to bring one or 20 in to us (574) 732-9253.

The annual tire recycling program for Cass County residents and farmers is underway. Call the district office to schedule an appointment (574) 732-9253. The Program will be in place until the end of July or until the appointments significantly slow down.

We  are offering a fluorescent tube collection program for businesses. Please contact the district office for information. We may be able to save your business some money.

Call the District office to set up an appointment to drop off electronics, batteries, and flourescent tubes. We are also curious as to who has the oldest computer in Cass County to recycle? Call us at (574) 732-9253.

In 2014 we collected over 110,000 pounds of e-waste. That compares with under 48,000 pounds all of 2013.
We are accepting electronics by appointment. Contact the office if you would like to schedule a time to drop off your old television, computer or other type of e-waste. This includes things like hairdryers! There is no charge for this service.

If you have old or expired medications to dispose of, feel free to use the MedReturn Unit which in in the Records Division of the Logansport Police Department, on the 2nd floor of the city building.


Work at the compost site in Logansport is underway. The Logansaport Department of Public Works operates the program, with the assistance of some funding from the Cass County Solid Waste Management District.  The final product is given back to area citizens at no cost.                                                                                                                                                                                                             


The annual tire collection for Cass County residents and farmers is set to begin on April 1, 2015. Beginning at the end of March, contact the CCSWMD Office to schedule an appointment (574) 732-9253. The fee schedule remains the same as last year: The first ten (10) car or small truck tires are free, with each additional tire $2.00. Semi tires are $5.00 each and tractor tires are $15.00 each for the first four, and $30.00 each for tractor tires five through 10.


While recycling a product that you no longer have a use for is a good idea, finding a new use or a way to reuse it is even better.

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The five day a week collection of electronics for recycling, continues to be an extremely successful program for the citizens of Cass County. Over 103,000 pounds of e-waste was collected in 2014. That is more than double the total from a year earlier. The goal is to reach 200,000 pounds in 2015.

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