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When will I receive a statement for my property taxes?
       Once the county receives tax rates and the abstract of property taxes is completed, the process of printing and mailing tax bills will begin.

When is the next due date?
       The due dates will be determined when the abstract of taxes is completed.

May I pay on my taxes even though a due date has not been determined?
       Yes, the property owner is welcome to pay any amount, at any time. Payments will be reflected on the bill, once the bill is calculated.

Do I have to pay my taxes if I don't receive a statement in the mail?
       Failure to receive a tax by mail does not relieve the taxpayer of the responsibility for payment, and penalties when delinquent.

If I pay my taxes after the due date, what happens?
       A penalty will be imposed. This penalty may be 5% or 10% of the unpaid balance.

What happens if my check bounces?
       Once the county is notified by our bank of an NSF check, we will attempt to contact the taxpayer. If the taxpayer retrieves the check from our bank within a specified time, the only penalty will be the penalty imposed for late payment. Failure to make prompt payment will result in collection proceedings via the Cass County Prosecutor.

Do you take credit or debit cards?
       Payment can be made at HERE for a nominal fee. We do not process debit or credit card transactions in the office.

Why do you have record of my bankruptcy filing?
       The Cass County Treasurer is required to adhere to bankruptcy rules and regulations; therefore it is necessary to receive this information.

Other Questions?

       Taxes, payments - Treasurer's office 574-753-7850

       Deductions, property ownership-Auditor's office 574-753-7720

       Assessments, personal propery - Assessor's office 574-753-7710