Cass County Government Building 200 Court Park Logansport, IN 46947

About the Clerk's Office


  • Serve as official custodian of all court records including the seal of the court for both Circuit Court and Superior Courts I and II
  • Attest the signature of the judges and affix the seal to all official documents signed by the judge or clerk
  • Keep the Record of Judgments and Orders (RJO) of the courts
  • Enter all records, orders, and judgments as the courts direct
  • File and enter into the judgment docket all judgments handed down by the courts
  • By order of the court, issue all courts orders, warrants, writs, process and other papers.
  • Attend any sessions of the court that are requested by the judge
  • Administer the duties enacted by the General Assembly in the matter of elections and registration of voters
  • Ex-officio member of the county board of elections and board of canvassers
  • Jury Administrator
  • Member of county commission of public records
  • Maintain an index of all bonds which are required by law to be filed
  • Issue executions, decrees and orders of sale and fee bills
  • Prepare and certify transcripts in cases venued from the county or proceedings in causes being appealed to a higher court
  • Prepare and certify judgments in quiet title and partition suites
  • Maintain various books of court record

Marriage License

  • Marriage License - Issue, enter and record with the state all Cass County Marriage Licenses - No Marriage License issued after 3:30 pm.


  • Keep a cash record for all receipts and disbursements
  • Maintain a register of fees and funds held in trust for all persons which shall be entered by order
  • Prepare a monthly financial report
  • Make an honest effort to collect all court costs
  • Receive and disburse child support money


  • Furnish copies of record and certify the of correctness thereto when required by law