Cass County Government Building 200 Court Park Logansport, IN 46947

Fines & Fees


If the Court has ordered a surety bond to be posted, you will need to contact a bail bondsman. If the Court has ordered a cash bond, it is paid at the Sheriff Department.

To receive a refund of bond money, you must:

  1. Get a release from the Court where your case was filed.
  2. Come to the Cass County Clerk's office located on the fourth floor of the courthouse. We are open Monday - Friday, 8am -4pm. We are closed on weekends and federal holidays. You must show a valid photo ID.
  3. Refund checks will not be written until the next business day.
The Court may order a portion or your entire bond applied to restitution or court costs. Bonds are written only in the name of the person who paid the bond. Bond refunds will be made payable to the payer of the bond money and checks will only be given to the person to whom they are made out.

Fee List

Filing Fees
Divorce with Children $157
Divorce without Children $157
Civil Filings $157 Plus $10 for each additional defendant
(Does not apply to e-filed cases)
Mortgage Foreclosure Counseling & Education Fee Eliminated
Protective Orders No Charge
Paternity $176
Adoptions $157
Estates $177
Guardianships $177
Trusts $177
Small Claims $97 Plus $10 for each additional defendant
(Does not apply to e-filed cases)
Garnishee Defendant Fee (applies to all garnishee defendants after the third) $10
(Does not apply to e-filed cases)
User Fees
Copies per page $.25
Certified Copy Fee $3.00
Certified Copy of Marriage License $3.25
Clerk Support Fee - Docket Fees $55
Marriage License (County Resident) $25
Marriage License (Out of State Residents) $65
Sheriff’s Service of Process Fee $28
(Paid to Cass County Clerk)
Mailing Fees
Certified Mailing **Effective July 1, 2015**