Cass County Government Building 200 Court Park Logansport, IN 46947

Cass County Recorder's Office

General Info
Cass County Recorder
Beth Liming
Phone: (574) 753-7810 
Fax: (574) 735-0712 
Location Cass County Government Building
Room 102 • 200 Court Park
Logansport, IN 46947
Hours Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm (stop recording at 3:30 pm)
StaffLeah Burkhart
1st Deputy 

Randi Wecht

The Cass County Recorder’s Office records, maintains, and preserves permanent public records involving over 130 different types of documents. 

"As keeper of the permanent public land records, the Cass County Recorder's Office not only strives to be accurate, efficient and professional, but user friendly as well."

Generally, these documents are recorded either for giving legal public notice or for safekeeping and future reference and retrieval. The office of Recorder makes a complete, accurate, and permanent record of every document pertaining to the conveyance and encumbrance of land to be recorded within Cass County, while retaining the records in archival form and accessible to the public. Our records started in 1829 to present. The Office of Recorder was the first Constitutional Office in County Government in the State of Indiana. 

Services Available

  • E-Recording now available at this time with: SimplifileGOePN, and CSC
  • LAREDO - an account-based internet program designed for users who would like online access to Cass County land records on a regular basis. Laredo’s innovative technology and 24-hour access to Cass County’s land records allows you to search efficiently for records in the same way you would search at a computer in the Recorder's office. Documents can be searched by name, recorded date range, document type, document number, and legal description. The search will display all recorded information for each document in a very versatile results window in which you can group and order search results as desired and view images from January 1, 1990 to present. For more information on the cost of utilizing Laredo, and to sign up for a subscription, please contact the Cass County Recorder’s office at (574)753-7810. Once a subscription has been set up, you can download Laredo at Select “Indiana” in the “Choose a State” field, select “Cass” in the “Choose a County” field then click on the “Download” button. The program will download to your computer and a “Laredo” icon will be created on your computer desktop.
  • TAPESTRY - an on-demand service designed for occasional searchers who may not search frequently enough to warrant a subscription to Laredo. Tapestry usage is paid per search (utilizing a credit card) and each search includes the ability to view images at no additional charge (there is an additional fee to print the images). No user agreement is required. Tapestry includes the capability to search by name, document number, recording date range, and legal description. Utilizing Tapestry, searchers can also access data and images from hundreds of participating counties. You can access Tapestry at
  • Property Fraud Alert: Protect your most valuable investment free of charge or call 1-800-728-3858.
  • Forms Available: Assumed Business Name & Discontinuance of Assumed Business Name
  • Veteran Discharge Request Form: As of Jan 5, 2021, you must submit a request to obtain a copy of a DD-214 at

Check out the Recorder's Office Fee Schedule 

** NOTE: Documents must be no larger than 8 1/2" X 14", 10 point type, on white paper of at least 20 Lb. weight, no permanently bound or continuous forms, 2" margins at the top and bottom of first and last page with 1/2" margins elsewhere.

New Recorder's Fee Schedule - EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2021

(including Subordinate Mortgages) and re-recorded mortgage
Deeds and all other Instruments, including UCC's & re-recorded instruments
Including re-recorded instruments (fee includes 1 oversize page)
Additional Fees
$5.00 each
Additional pages exceeding 8 1/2" x 14" within any document
Mechanic's Lien
$25.00 - Including one mail out

$2.00 - Each additional mail out

$1.00 - 11' x 17" or smaller, per page

$5.00 - larger than 11' x 17", per page
Certification of Document