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Township Trustee

Is the "chief administration office" of the township and must reside in that township. Residents of the township elect the trustee for a term of four years. The trustee's salary is established by the Township Board but may not be less than the amount paid in 1980, prior to repeal of the legal minimums.

The trustee prepares the annual township budget for submission to the Township Board and has the general control over all belonging to the township.

The trustees are in charge of the townships:

  1. Conducting Township Business maintaining accurate records
  2. To receive and disperse all monies belonging to the townships
  3. Poor relief
  4. Work required maintaining the township properties
  5. To care for abandoned cemeteries
  6. Fire protection

Township Board

Citizens of each township elect three residents who are qualified voters for a four year term to the Township Board.

The Township Board has the responsibilities in the township similar to those exercised by the County Council. It's functions are:

  1. Adopting of the annual budget
  2. Fixing the tax rate for various funds
  3. Imposing the tax levies, subject to review by the County Council and Indiana's Department of Local Finance
  4. Approving township contracts
  5. Serving as the township board of finance to select depositories for township funds
  6. Fixing the salaries of elected and appointed officials and employees of the township
Township Trustee Township Board Members

Scott Rudicel                   
8191 E 800 N 
Twelve Mile, IN 46988 
(765) 513-5278
Term Ends 2026

Brian Shafer

Aaron Sylvain 

Brent Thomas

Ashly Berry
5227 N St Rd 25
Logansport, IN 46947
(574) 702-1678
Term Ends 2026

Leann Bandelier
Andrew Hubenthal
Daniel Williams


Robert Pifer
216 Center St Box 251
Royal Center, IN 46978
(574) 643-9358
Term Ends 2026

Drew Farrer

Susan Von Trobel                    

William Haselby                     


Jennifer Nies
3404 E 325 N                    
Logansport, IN 46947
(574) 721-1668
Term Ends 2026

John Carson

Nathan McClain

Thomas Weatherwax


John Heckard                  
Po Box 1254

Logansport , IN 46947

(574) 398-5793
Term Ends 2026

Gary Chambers

Tammy Krpan

Duane Stuart                    

Deer Creek

Stephany Prather                     
2657 E 1100 S
Walton, IN 46994
(574) 859-2260
Term Ends 2026

Spenser Forgey

Dennis Crum                     

John Hardy


Mark Strong 
2712 E Broadway
Logansport, IN 46947
(574) 753-3680 (Office)
Term Ends 2026

Rick Bernhardt

Joseph Buck

Steve Clary


Catherine Cree
PO Box 87
1416 W St Rd 16
Lucerne, IN 46950
(574) 889-3101
Term Ends 2026

Paige Woodhouse

Brenda Rusk

Herd Crimmins


Kim Tocco
12301 S Payton Rd 
Galveston, IN 46932
(574) 699-0600
Term Ends 2026

Patricia L Loman

W. Edward (Ed) Smith


Mark Cotner
7091 W 50 S
Logansport, IN 46947
(574) 727-5103
Term Ends 2026

Gary Miller

Kane Smiley                    

Craig Kennell                    


Joseph Pear
2056 N 975 E                    
Logansport, IN                    
(574) 753-8009 
Term Ends 2026

Karen Buffum

Marguerite A (Missy) Field

Barry Jones Jr


Diann Sedam                   
3225 W 200 N
Logansport, IN 46947
(574) 702-2779
Term Ends 2026

Susan (Suki) Wilson

Edward McKaig Jr

Ted Speicher


Marcia Harness
5982 S 950 E
Walton, IN 46994
(574) 626-2749
Term Ends 2026


Linda Riley


Scott Albaugh 
6570 S 50 E
Logansport, IN 46947
(574) 721-3130 
Term Ends 2026

Mark Grandstaff

Mark Guckien

Matt Gremelspacher